Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tomorrow, take scissors with you

Tomorrow, take scissors with you.
Put them in the drink holder of your car, then you'll be ready.
Because I know you are busy.  And if you live in Idaho like I do, you've driven by sunflowers wildly growing on the side of the road this week...

On your way to work, or by the horses, or near the soccer field, or down the road from your home…
And maybe like me, you've wanted a few to put on your porch.

But you didn't have any scissors.

Today, I had them, those scissors. 
The kiddo and I spotted a good bunch and I clipped a few… on the way home from soccer, in a field near our home.
And tomorrow as I back out of the driveway I'll see those sunflowers, and smile.


When I'm not clipping sunflowers I've been prepping for the upcoming flea market!  Hope to see you soon!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wildhare Vintage Fleamarket - plan to attend!!

Fall is in the air...

which means the Wildhare Vintage Fleamarket is right around the corner!

This is one of those times you carve out some time for you.  You know, a little treat to chat and shop with a friend, be inspired, and find a treasure that adds to the HOME of your house.  Plan now, to take a little time out of the busy-ness since the Wildhare comes around usually twice a year...
I'll see you there!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Items available | Vintage trunk, vintage bench and more

Hello all!
I have a few great items available!
To purchase an item, please call or text 208-390-8653.  I am located in Chubbuck, Idaho and offer my items locally.
Oh, and don't forget to mark you calendar and tell your girlfriends, the fall Wildhare Flea Market is coming soon, September 26 and 27th.  Lively Grace will be there!  
It will be held again at the Pine Ridge Mall.  Stay in touch, I'll be sure to share all the details!
Thanks for visiting!!

Large Ball Jar $8 ~sale pending
Vintage Seltzer bottle with faint lettering $8
Bird clock (not vintage, but pretty cute!) $8

Heavy, metal toolbox with lots of patina!  $16 ~sale pending

Vintage Trunk $55
Leather handles on front and one side, metal clasps, and painted partial addresses.  I'm sure this piece has stories to tell!
Measures approximately:   31inches deep X 17 wide X 13 tall
This piece could be great for storage, a coffee table, side table tipped on end, or a sweet spot for blankets!

Vintage Red Stool $16
I wish I could have picked up the color on top better (still learning those camera settings!), the top is a little darker in person.  Sturdy, with great character for your porch, home, or photo shoot!
Please note, it appears someone sawed/broke off the back corner, but will still hold up to a teenager, or definitely some fall flowers or pumpkins!

(In case you were wondering… yes, that vintage washtub planter is a favorite of mine!  So, not for sale.)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Vintage Cabinet Project

The first coat of paint rarely looks great.

And although I love to use chalk paint and milk paint, I still use latex often.
This is how the cabinet looked when I brought it home.  The original paint on the exterior has some great chips and texture, so I kept that, hitting it with my sanding block in a few spots to help bring some of the character out further.
The cabinet doors actually sit flush with the bottom, so they didn't open and close easily.  My husband helped me, well, he did actually, reinforce the bottom because is was warped a little and not very secure, then added some vintage caster wheels I had been holding on to.  The caster wheels have lifted it off the floor a bit, so the doors open much easier, however, it makes it a little off balance if both doors are opened.  So, just in case you thought all my projects area smooth sailing, here's the skinny;  they don't.  We might have to do some tweaking there.

I'm headed out to the garage for a second coat on the interior, and the top.  I wish the top had been painted along with the doors and sides, so I'm hoping to paint and distress it enough it will blend well with the doors.  On the interior, you can see where it's going with it.  I think it will be pretty all white.  I chose to use a latex paint I have on hand.  I won't mind if the interior gets scuffed, chalk paint is expensive ($40 per quart), and once filled with some treasures, the difference in the old to new paint will be minimal.  
If you hang with me on Facebook you may have seen the initial picture a while back.  With summer, vacations, and work, sometimes my projects take a while to complete.  This one though, is staying with me.  This is actually good news for you though.  Behind this cabinet are my shelves, full of inventory and projects for the Wildhare Flea Market…
Save the date!!!  September 26 and 27
Stay tuned here and on  my Facebook page  for all the details!

Monday, August 11, 2014

John's table | Re-Graced using chalk paint

A while ago, a friend I have known for years asked if I'd be interested in 'doing a little something' to an antique table she had.
I do love to paint furniture, but the idea of a family heirloom, antique table did give me a little heartburn at first.  The table had been built by her great-grandfather.  It is still  amazingly sturdy.

I first saw the table in Stacie's 'new to her and husband's' house. A classic craftsman; home to  well trained dogs and avid outdoor explorers.  When I saw the table with gold accents on the legs, one painted leaf, and replaced pieces of wood, my heartburn subsided.  She was right, it needed a change to be enjoyed and used in her home. We both had the same idea for easily the direction of the table re-gracing; it should still look like an old, definitely not new, with some color to blend into the feel of her home.  All those years if working night shift together, we got to know each other pretty well!

When I started prepping the table, I found this on the support apron of the table, hidden for years.  John was Stacie's grandfather.  When he passed away, she kept the table, feeling it should be saved and kept in the family, without knowing he had signed the table.  I love the stories this table tells.  I imagine young John signed his name while sitting under the table., and wonder what mother said when she found it, or maybe she just smiled, and avoided scrubbing it off.

I had high hopes that with a good sanding and dark stain, we could have a beautifully worn top and painted base. Even with holding my mouth just right, it's easy to see those different woods were not going to stain evenly.   

Stacie chose Versailles, by Annie Sloan, for the top, giving it a little color as she hoped for.  You know that spare room that your not sure what your going to do with yet when you move into a new/old home?  That's where John's table is going to live.  Versailles will blend with many colors and will be great with natural wood pieces in the room too.  The color looks very flat when dry, but warms up when it is waxed.  Some distressing and dark wax bring keep the naturally worn areas looking like this table had been used for years.  Milk & cookies after school happened here I bet.

I moved it under my large window for a proper 'after' shot.  The under side of leaves were kept the wood natural, a peek at the wood her great-grandfather had used to create the table.  Conversation started within the family when we found 'John written on it.  The story unfolds that the table was broken when a farm fresh pig was heaved into the table for butchering!  This is the most fabulous story of a piece of furniture I have been involved in, thanks Stacie, for trusting me with it, saving the table, and sharing the stories!

I kept most of the texture on the legs created by layers of paint, dings from chairs, and kids' swinging feet, sanding just the gold off, and painted on a fresh coat of Old White (also Annie Sloan).  A light distressing and some clear and dark wax finished off the table~still old and worn, and re-graced into a family piece that will be used in her home.

For those of you who were worried about John's signature… it was left untouched.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pickets and baskets!

 To purchase an item, please call of text 208-390-8653.  I am located in Chubbuck, Idaho and offer my items locally.
Thanks for visiting!
 Pickets and baskets!

"BE" sign $10
I can't take credit here … this was a found item.  Someone did a great job!
Ready to hang, measures 4 feet long, 7 inches tall

Large Prince Apple Basket $10
18 inches in diameter, 12 inches tall

Apple Baskets $8 each
A great size and patina for photography props of littles! 
14 inches in diameter, 9 inches tall

Chippy Paint Pickets!  ~sold
Oh, the ideas on Pinterest!
Height varies 40-50 inches tall, 3.5 inches wide.

Large Baskets ~ sold
These are great for laundry… I just didn't want to haul my dirty laundry out in front of all my neighbors… I'll only share that with you!  Sorry,  chalkboard tags not included, but the idea is!  

My kiddo now does great separating his laundry.  I have used these for a few years, they are in good used condition.  Also great for toys (I used them for that too!)
16 inches in diameter, 14 inches tall

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pulled from the Pick-up | Lockers, chippy trellis & a vintage chair

Hi friends,
I couldn't help but have fun with a little photo shoot in the garage; a little sweet & a little sass, sums up my style perfectly!

Vintage Lockers ~ SOLD
set of 3

These were pulled from my dad's pick-up today.
Hence, he won the pickin' award for the week.  
Yes, he is awesome!

The lockers have both the number tags, and a painted on number.
Personally, I love both.
My dad was kind enough to not only pick, load, and haul, but also take off most of the spiderwebs.  I did a second cleaning, removing stickers, more cobwebs, and weeds.  Needless to say, they could use a good scrub on the inside if you are planning to use them anywhere other than a garage.

Fabulous legs and handles!
These gals are sturdy and heavy.  Plan on at least 2 strong backs and a full size pick-up to get these home.
The set of 3 lockers measures 45in wide, 78in tall, 15in deep

Vintage Wood Box $18
Time worn lettering, great patina.  Measures 19.5 inches wide, 12.5 tall, 10.5 deep
Vintage Enamel Bowl $10
(pictured above or scroll my blog for a closer photo)

Vintage Chair- let me explain…

This gal has a current home in my studio, but I can see her being fabulous in photo shoots, as a sweet chair for the Bride or New Mom at a shower.  She is available to rent for your event, $12 for a 2 day/overnight rental.  You haul and return in the pretty condition she is in now.  Contact me if you're interested! (208-390-8653, livelygrace@me.com)

Large Vintage Ball Jar $8

Tall Chippy Wood Trellis $24
~sale pending~

Look close…. this trellis has some great patina!  Flip it horizontal and imagine a photo wall, a headboard, or along the wall in a little girl's room!  Cut it to size and hang above your washer and dryer with clothespins….split it with a friend : ).  I'm sure I've only scratched the surface with possibilities for this piece!

Here's how this works…
Call/text me at 208-390-8653 to purchase an item.  I am located in Chubbuck, Idaho.  I can accept cash or credit cards.  Thanks for looking… to not miss a post, sign up for email notification at the top of my blog, unfortunately, Facebook is hit and miss whether my post will come across your news feed.
Thanks Dad!