Saturday, July 11, 2015

Porch Bench: tips for adding stain to an old chippy piece

I found this old bench at a yardsale, years ago.  The paint is original, it's sturdy, and was found back in a shed with a bunch of cobwebs. So~ yeah, a perfect find.  
*Lively Grace Tip:  Take your cobweb or dusty piece to a patch of grass and brush the parts you can against the grass before you load any creepy crawlies into your car.  Better yet, bring a truck!

I wanted a little more depth to the wood color, which will also help the paint stand out and create more contrast.
When you are working with a piece that has chippy paint, expect it to keep flaking, unless the piece has been sealed.  Knowing I wanted the wood stained darker, I knew I'd probably loose a little more paint in the process.
*Lively Grace Tip: Pour some stain into a separate container.  This will prevent any of those small paint flakes from making it into your can of stain, causing chaos on your next project.

This is what I was hoping for.  
I used the stain on the entire piece, with two coats over both the wood and paint. With a piece this chippy, there is no way to avoid putting stain on the paint as well.  I think in this case it actually gave a little umph to the weathered paint.
*Lively Grace Tip: Remember, a wet stain or paint will look a little different when it dries.

I didn't seal the bench, because our porch is covered. It does get some weather with blowing snow or rain, but is protected from sunlight.  If it was in the sun and weather all the time, I would have added a coat or two of polyurethane to protect not only the stain, but the paint.
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~ Jen

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Available items: Vintage Dresser, Fan, camera, hat box +!

Hi Friends!
Items listed are sold locally in Chubbuck (Pocatello), Idaho.  It's best to contact me via phone/text, 208.390.8653 to set a time for you to come pick up an item.

This sweet vintage dresser, stamped Montgomery Ward on the back has been fun.  I have never seen the glass drawer pulls in black in person before, and they are all in amazing!  It has seen many a use over the years, with dings, scrapes and worn areas.  It is pained in a chalk paint, "Vintage" is the color, a soft grey/blue.  My intent was not to make it look new again, but to well, re-Grace it with a soft paint and keep the years of wear it has earned.  I imagine this dresser was intended to sell to the masses, with a simple style and build.  The drawers all open and close, but are on wood runners, so they don't glide as new metal runners do.  You won't find dovetail drawers on this dresser, but rather what I feel is a good price on a hand painted, distressed, and twice poly-coated dresser.  Plus, it was lots of fun to give it three different vibes with other items I had waiting in the wings for you!

"Vintage" painted 5 drawer dresser $72 ~ sold

Hat Box, most fabulous color!  $12
Cobalt Blue Vintage Bottle $8
Vintage Camera, Argus brand $22
(leather case is non-removable, sorry for the fuzz on the camera, I didn't realize until the sun went down!)

White Single Pane Window $12
glass-intact, paint-chippy, hardware-rusty
(the beautiful sunset gave it a pink hue, but it's old white paint)

"Kash" fruit crate $16
White wire basket $6

Milkglass vase $6
Ironstone Creamer $6
Vintage Cheese Crock $8 -sold
("Independence Hall" printed on this side, bright paper label on back)

There's the glow from that sunset again!

Apothecary Jar $5
Square Corner Jar $5

Vintage "Manning Bowman" Fan $30
(I don't know if it works, power cord has been cut, I do know it looks great on display!)

Black painted basket $5

Wishing you all a safe and happy 4th of July!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Items available!

 It's a post full of finds!

I'm located in Chubbuck, Idaho and sell locally, you pick up.  Contact me to purchase, and we'll set a time for you to come by.  208.390.8653

Vintage Potato Basket, reduced $10
It's potato hauling days are over, being a little munched on the side.  It's ready to hold your pillows, blankets, or sit happily on your porch or fireplace hearth.

Vintage Watering Can ~ sold
It's summer all - you need this!  It has a little leak, so it cools your toes while you water your flowers, so handy!

Vintage Little Kiddo Roller Skates reduced $12

Vintage Lamp and Shade - works, reduced $11
Vintage ornate frame, with painters pallet reduced $10

Vintage Sifters $4 each ($10 for the set of 3)

Vintage Enamelware Bucket  $12

Seltzer Bottle $6

Vintage Rolling/Folding Cart ~ sold
It hauled most of this stuff out to my backyard!

Cream Pillow $6

Solid Wood Step Stool sold
Sturdy enough for me to sit on,a great rustic touch for a nightstand, side table, or the porch.
Measures 18 inches tall, 18 wide, depth at the base is 18 inches

Chippy Wood Door $45 ~sold
Measures 75 inches in length, 14 in wide

Large Wood Box $10
Another great rustic piece, use as is or add stain or whitewash to add to the texture.  A side table stood on end, a coffee table like below, or fill with dirt for a flower bed!
Measures 27.5 X 22 X 13 inches deep

Prop vertically, or hang horizontally,  don't miss the hardware!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Goodies Available!!! Ladder, vintage quilt, chippy chair & more!

If you find yourself drawn to an item on my blog, just give me a call/text and we'll plan a time for you to take a look!  I sell items locally, in Chubbuck (Pocatello), Idaho.

Vintage Wood Ladder ~ sold

Vintage Hand-Pieced Quilt  $ 36 
Good condition, and so sweet!

White Chair $12
Chippy in all the right places!  Great for a quilt, plant, photo prop or on the porch.  Back rungs would need glued and tightened for every day use.

Wire Basket $5

 Large Navy Suitcase ~ Vintage $28
(The accent color is more of a rust than orange)

Vintage Radio in tweed case $18
Great open or closed with such texture from the case, clasps, and handle.  Not in working condition, and missing knobs.

Large Glass Canister $14
Love that red handle!

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Items for Sale: Vintage 3 drawer small dresser, window, hat boxes, milk glass, wood crate & more!

If you find yourself drawn to an item on my blog, just give me a call/text and we'll plan a time for you to take a look!  I sell items locally in Chubbuck (Pocatello) Idaho.
Just a reminder, Mother's Day is just around the corner, feel free to tag anyone who needs a hint to my post on Facebook or Instagram (hint- husbands!)

Antique Dinwoody 3 drawer dresser ~ sold

The piece is a 'found' piece, the paint, chipping, texture, and character have all happened over time and use!

She's the real deal, with wooden caster wheels!

Key holes need no explanation of their amazingness!
I wonder if at some time a gal put some textured wall paper on this piece... then another gal painted over that...

which has just resulted in her overall character!

A numbered piece, stamped on the back.

Large 2 pane window ~ sold
(Full disclosure, there is a crack in the glass in the upper left corner, dang!)

Cool hardware!

Vintage Hat Boxes - great for stacking, storing, or adding color!
Gold stripe $10
Pilgrim Hat Box $12

Sweetest Candy dish with spoon!  $9

Creamy creamer $5

Milkglass Vase ~ sold
(moss orb not included)

Assorted jars - 
Altas canning jar with measurements & grey lid $2
Apothecary style jar $5
Curved square jar $4
($10 takes the set)

Vintage Fruit Crate $18
That pink, blue & teal?!  Seriously!

Illum-Sight Mark 10 cool wood box $16
(If anyone knows what this was actually used for, clue me in!  I was drawn to the typography and tight tongue and groove woodwork!)

Metal tray ~ sold
(Fabulous for holding so many things!  Craft items to paper clips, flowers to mints!)

If you find yourself drawn to an item on my blog, just give me a call/text and we'll plan a time for you to take a look!  I sell items locally in Chubbuck (Pocatello) Idaho.
Just a reminder, Mother's Day is just around the corner, feel free to tag anyone who needs a hint to my post on Facebook or Instagram (hint- husbands!)